Independence Community College

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(620) 331-4100

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To Apply For Benefits:

  1. Complete form 22-1990 or 22-5490 if you are a Chapter 35 student.
  2. Complete ICC Admissions Application.
  3. Complete ICC Enrollment/Course Scheduling Form (ICC Admissions or your advisor).
  4. Complete FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) (ICC Financial Aid office)
  5. Provide the following to the ICC Registrar’s office:
    • Completed ICC VA Benefit Application.
    • Copy of 22-1990/22-5490 or confirmation
    • Copy of DD214 if you have been discharged
    • Copy of 22-1990 Part II signed by unit Education Service Office
    • Copy of NOBE if you are Active Reserves or National Guard
    • Official transcript of training credit from Joint Services
    • Registrar will submit verification of enrollment online. Enroll each semester as soon as possible and notify Registrar – it is your responsibility to let the Registrar know you are enrolled. Initial enrollment approval can take up to 8 weeks, so do not delay enrollment or notification.
    • As a Chapter 30, 1606, or 1607 student, it is also your responsibility once a month to go online or call 1-888-823-2378 and verify that you are still enrolled.
Educational Opportunities for Veterans
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