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Disabled Veterans Outreach Program

As defined at 38 USC, § 4103A, The primary role of DVOP specialist is meeting the needs of those Veterans unable to reach their employment goals without intensive services. Those Veterans who qualify for DVOP services, will be provide intensive services. 

Disabled man preparing to go across the road

Individualized Career Services include:

  • Comprehensive assessment of education, skills, and abilities;
  • In–depth interviewing and evaluation to identify employment barriers and appropriate employment goals;
  • Group and individual career coaching;
  • Short-term pre-vocational services that may include development of learning and communication skills, interviewing skills, personal maintenance skills, and professional conduct to prepare individuals for career goals; and
  • Development of an individual employment plan that identifies employment goals, interim objectives, and appropriate services that will enable the Veteran

Local Veteran Employment Representative

As defined at 38 USC, § 4104, The primary role of the LVER is to conduct employer outreach on behalf of Veterans. In addition, provide individualized job development to Veterans, particularly  those determined to be job ready after receipt of intensive services from a DVOP specialist.

Career Exploration for Veterans

Intensive Services include:

  • Job search assistance workshops for Veterans.
  • Individualized vocational guidance and labor market information.
  • Targeted referral to training and supportive services.
  • Employment outreach.


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