Kansas Army National Guard

Continue your service to the country in the Army National Guard. You already know the unmatched pride that comes from serving your country. The Army National Guard makes it easy for you to continue serving while receiving valuable benefits and increased flexibility in many aspects of your life. Serve part-time, and choose your life path now. Decide where you want to live, what your civilian career will look like and more. Your skills and experience from any branch of service may transfer to the Army National Guard.

What Employment Opportunities are Available?

Requirements for the Army National Guard

  • Age – Must qualify for non-regular retired pay by age 60.
  • Physical – Must meet height/weight and current medical requirements.
  • Education – Must meet education standards for the MOS or option for which you enlist.
  • Background – All prior service members must be able to prove, through supporting documents, their prior service time, military education, and qualifications.
  • Prior Service members could be required to attend a six-week Basic Combat Training (BCT) course depending on the length of their break in service. For more information regarding whether you will be required to attend a six-week Basic Training you will need to speak with your Recruiter.
College Credit for Military Service
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