State of Kansas

The State of Kansas places great importance on providing veterans access to information about available services and assistance related to employment in state government. Included below is information on employment opportunities, assistance, and services.

What Employment Opportunities are Available?

When is Veterans’ Preference Given?

Each veteran who meets the requirements for a vacant position shall be offered an interview for that vacancy when all of the following conditions are met:

  1. The vacancy is a regular classified position that states in its job notice that the position is "Veterans Preference" Eligible (VPE). This includes all external, internal or agency only vacancies.
  2. No individuals who are eligible for the Kansas Employee Preference Program have applied for that vacancy.
  3. The military service member was not dismissed or did not resign in good standing from state service.
  4. The military service member’s active duty is not for the Reserves or National Guard training.
  5. The military service member is separated and not on active service at the time of application.
Employment Opportunities for Veterans

Who is Eligible for Veteran's Preference?

How to Apply for Veteran's Preference

Employment Opportunities for Veterans

Applicants claiming veterans' preference for the first time must:

  1. Complete a legible copy of your discharge document (DD-214), showing enlisted and discharge dates, type of discharge, medals received, etc.
  2. Please mail the copy of your DD-214, to:
    Office of Personnel Services
    900 SW Jackson Room 401-N
    Landon State Office Building
    Topeka, Kansas  66612-1251
  3. Or, if easier, you can fax your DD-214 to (785) 291-3715.
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